Dorothy Cheung is a writer and artist. Born 1987, currently based in Hong Kong. She is recently graduated in Media Design (Lens-based) in Piet Zwart Institute, the Netherlands. 

She has co-written the screenplay of Pseudo Secular (2016), the film is selected for various festivals including South Taiwan Film Festival, 34th Torino Film Festival, Hong Kong Independent Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival. Her first moving image work, Letter to the Outsider (2018) is screened in EYE Filmmuseum and selected for the competition in the 20th Seoul Women’s Film Festival and 18th South Taiwan Film Festival.


2019, Queer Bodies, Korzo Theater, The Hauge, the Netherlands
2019, Home is Wherever I’m with U, Enclave Lab, London, UK
2018, Howling Pancakes, MAMA Rotterdam. the Netherlands
2018, Excavating Empathy, TENT. the Netherlands
2017, Save_as EXPO#2: Fertilizing Impotent Gardens, DCR. the Netherlands
2017, Folding/Unfolding, JCCAC. Hong Kong
2017, Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs [Via The HK Farmers' Almanac], Para Site. Hong Kong
2017, The One and Only Gallerina, Haiton Art Center, Taipei,  Taiwan
2017, Emerging from the Rubble - Art/Activism against the Gentrification in East Asia [Via The HK Farmers' Almanac], Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, United States
2016, Photography as Method, Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong
2016, Reitir Symposium, Siglufjörður, Iceland
2016, Photo Matters: Book and Print Festival 2016, Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong
2016, Urban Orchard [Via The HK Farmers' Almanac], XXI Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy
2015, LAND VISIONS: In Search of Land Art in Hong Kong [Via The HK Farmers' Almanac], Comix Home Base, Hong Kong
2014, Grow in Yaumatei, Woofer Ten, Hong Kong


2019, A Room of Oblivion, the Netherlands [Production, Screenplay, Direction, Camera, Editing.]
- Screened in EYE Filmmuseum Researchlab, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Feb 2019
- Selected for The Soft Screening, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, Apr 2019
- Exhibited in Queer Bodies, Korzo Theater, The Hauge, Sept 2019
- Selected for 23rd Queer Lisboa, Portugal, Sept 2019
- Selected for 35th Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival, Nov 2019

2018, Songs from Home, the Netherlands [Production, Direction, Camera, Editing.]
- Screened in Earthly Visions, Haiton Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, Jul 2018
- Screened in MIASMA, Neverland Cinema, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Jan 2019
- Screened in Home is Wherever I’m with U, Enclave Lab, London, UK, Mar 2019

2018, Letter to the Outsider, The Netherlands/Hong Kong [Production, Screenplay, Direction, Camera, Editing.]
- Screened in EYE Filmmuseum Researchlab, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Feb 2018
- Selected for Asian Short Competition in 20th Seoul Women's Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea, May 2018
- Screened in Reflex Action, KINO Rotterdam, Jul 2018
- Selected for 11th FilmAid Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya, Sept 2018
- Selected for 18th South Taiwan Film Festival, Tainan, Taiwan, Nov 2018
- Selected for 14th Early Bird Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 2018
- Screened in International Queer and Migrant Film Festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Dec 2018
- Selected for 15th San Francisco International Queer Women of Color Film Festival,  San Francisco, United States, Jun 2019

2016, Pseudo Secular, Hong Kong [Screenplay Co-written with Rita Hui]
- Selected for Opening Film in South Taiwan Film Festival, Tainan, Taiwan, 2016
- Selected for ONDE in 34th Torino Film Festival, Torino, Italy, 2016
- Selected for Hong Kong Independent Film Festival, Hong Kong, 2017
- Selected for Taipei Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan,2017
- Selected for Singapore Chinese Film Festival, Singapore, 2018


2019, Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur, Blanca, Spain
2016, Reitir, Siglufjörður, Iceland


2016, Mis|túlka, Iceland
2015, A Kitchen of One’s Own, Herstory Polygon, Hong Kong
2015, The Gaze of Gardener [Via The HK Farmers' Almanac] , Spring Workshop, Hong Kong
2014, Seeds of Yaumatei, Yaumatei Gardener, Hong Kong
2018, “My Suriname”, 別字 vol. 5, Hong Kong
2017, “The Opposite Side of the Sea”, 別字 vol. 1, Hong Kong
2016, "Magical City – A Tribute to the Ex", Fleurs des Lettres vol. 59, Hong Kong
2010, "Night Walk", 41 Writers to be, Hong Kong
2009, "One Afternoon, We Walk in the Forest", Muse vol. 31, Hong Kong
2016, Reitir: Tools for Collaboration. Iceland
2013, "Where ist Home", zoll+, Austria