Memory Palace (2021)

Memory Palace is a moving image work exploring memories attached to the personal objects of ethnic Chinese people in Manchester. These objects tell extremely personal stories that reflect the complexity of living between two worlds and navigating multiple identities, not only as an ethnic Chinese person living in the UK, but also as an LGBTQ individual, senior citizen, adoptee, artist, Eurasian, or first-generation immigrant. The work challenges conventional understandings of the Chinese community, questioning what it means to be an ethnic Chinese individual in this city and highlighting the great spectrum of identities beyond nationality.

Memory Palace was filmed in 2020 with the support of British Council Hong Kong, Phillips Auctioneers and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art.

Festival Selection:
- Selected for International Queer & Migrant Film Festival 2022, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Mar 2022

- Screened at SPARK Festival, Hong Kong, Oct 2021
- Screened at Stories from the Periphery, bi’bak, Berlin, Germany, Mar 2022

Home, and a Distant Archive (2020)

Home, and a Distant Archive is a poetic portrait of four Hong Kong women aboard in London, who volunteered for retrieving and digitising the UK records of the handover agreement between the United Kingdom and China, and their thoughts on identity, diaspora and their home at this troubled time. The film is a resonant, poetic, deeply personal, yet expansive reflection, bringing into sharp relief the political and existential moment we are in. (24’13”)

Festival Selection:
- Selected for 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Jan 2020
- Selected for Documentary Competition on Human Rights at 8th Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sept 2020 - Selected for the Cinema Versa Documentary Short Film Programme at 34th Leeds International Film Festival, UK, Nov 2020 - Selected for 23rd Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada, Nov 2020 - Selected for 10th Balneário Camboriú International Film Festival, Brazil, Nov 2020 - Selected for 15th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Indonesia, Nov 2020
- Selected for 26th ifva Awards Short Film Open Category finalist, Hong Kong, Mar 2021
- Selected for International Competition in 9th Liberation DocFest 2021,  Bangladesh, Apr 2021
- Selected for 12th Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Taiwan, Apr 2021
- Selected for Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival 2021, Greece, Jun 2021
- Selected for Voices of the Ground Short Film Festival, Germany, Sept 2021


- Screened at Singapore International Film Festival New Wave Programmme, Singapore, Oct 2020 - Screened at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, UK, Mar 2021

A Room of Oblivion (2019)

A Room of Oblivion is an experimental film reflecting on the notion of queer memories, and the failure of it through rediscovered footage taken in a journey with an ex-partner.

Festival Selection: - Selected for 23rd Queer Lisboa, Portugal, Sept 2019
- Selected for 35th Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival, Nov 2019
- Selected for Spain Moving Images Festival 2020, Spain, Oct 2020
- Selected for Interface Video Art Festival 2020, Croatia, Dec 2020
- Selected for Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival 2021, Greece, Jun 2021 - Selected for 17th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival, United States, Jun 2021- Selected for Queer East Film Festival 2022, United Kingdom, May 2022

Screenings:  - Screened in EYE Filmmuseum Researchlab, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Feb 2019
- Selected for The Soft Screening, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Apr 2019
- Exhibited in Queer Bodies, Korzo Theater, The Hauge, the Netherlands, Sept 2019
- Screened in Extra: Queer Landing by Mini Maxwell in International Queer & Migrant Film Festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Dec 2019
- Screened in Memory as Border/lessge.stell, Taiwan, Nov 2021
- Screened in Remnants and Reflections, Women in Film and Photography,  Objectifs, Dec 2021

Letter to the Outsider (2018)

The short film is based on a letter transgresses the boundary of inside and outside, here and there. Witnessing Hong Kong’s situation far from home, the film attempts to question human perception of a space or a country, reflected in images of repurposed prisons in the Netherlands. (6’35”)

Festival Selection:
- Selected for Asian Short Competition in 20th Seoul Women's Film Festival, South Korea, May 2018

- Selected for 11th FilmAid Film Festival, Kenya, Sept 2018
- Selected for 18th South Taiwan Film Festival, Taiwan, Nov 2018
- Selected for 14th Early Bird International Student Film Festival, Bulgaria, Nov 2018
- Selected for 15th San Francisco International Queer Women of Color Film Festival,  San Francisco, United States, Jun 2019
- Selected for Hong Kong Independent Film Festival 2020, Hong Kong, Jan 2020
- Selected for 6th SF Urban Film Fest,  San Francisco, United States, Feb 2020
- Selected for Voices of the Ground Short Film Festival, Germany, Sept 2021

- Screened in Researchlab in the EYE Filmmuseum, the Netherlands, Feb 2018

- Screened in Reflex Action, KINO Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Jul 2018 - Screened in Showcase: Internation Queer & Migrant Film Festival Academy, De Balie, the Netherlands. Dec 2018

Pseudo Secular (2016)

Screenplay (co-written with Rita Hui) [dir. Rita Hui] | Hong Kong

In response to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in 2011, ‘Occupy Central’ occurred in Hong Kong. Tai Cho, a university student joins the movement with his girlfriend Yi, and occupies the public area at HSBC for nearly a year. Yi is jailed for attacking the police, and Tai Cho falls in love with Yi's mother, Wan. Maxim, heir to a soy sauce fortune, takes part in the movement and experiences political awakening, leading him to return to his roots. His ex Man is a reporter obsessed with recording local history destined to disappear. Li Lei, a young woman from China, lives an unremarkable life with her boyfriend Yin in a tiny apartment until her life is changed by a mysterious internet celeb Ha Mai. They are stuck in their directionless lives until the outbreak of the 'Umbrella Movement' in 2014.

Combining documentary and dramatic styles, the film depicts the fate of Hong Kong people in turbulent times.

Selected for Opening Film in South Taiwan Film Festival, Nov 2016
Selected for ONDE in 34th Torino Film Festival, Nov 2016
Selected for Hong Kong Independent Film Festival, Jan 2017
Selected for Taipei Film Festival, Jul 2017
Selected for Singapore Chinese Film Festival, May 2018

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