Letter to the Outsider (2018)

The short film is based on a letter transgresses the boundary of inside and outside, here and there. Witnessing Hong Kong’s situation far from home, the film attempts to question human perception of a space or a country, reflected in images of repurposed prisons in the Netherlands. (6’35”)

Festival Selection:
- Selected for Asian Short Competition in 20th Seoul Women's Film Festival, South Korea, May 2018

- Selected for 11th FilmAid Film Festival, Kenya, Sept 2018
- Selected for 18th South Taiwan Film Festival, Taiwan, Nov 2018
- Selected for 14th Early Bird International Student Film Festival, Bulgaria, Nov 2018
- Selected for 15th San Francisco International Queer Women of Color Film Festival,  San Francisco, United States, Jun 2019
- Selected for Hong Kong Independent Film Festival 2020, Hong Kong, Jan 2020
- Selected for 6th SF Urban Film Fest,  San Francisco, United States, Feb 2020
- Selected for Voices of the Ground Short Film Festival, Germany, Sept 2021

- Screened in Researchlab in the EYE Filmmuseum, the Netherlands, Feb 2018

- Screened in Reflex Action, KINO Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Jul 2018 - Screened in Showcase: Internation Queer & Migrant Film Festival Academy, De Balie, the Netherlands. Dec 2018

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