Memory Palace (2021)

Memory Palace is a moving image work exploring memories attached to the personal objects of ethnic Chinese people in Manchester. These objects tell extremely personal stories that reflect the complexity of living between two worlds and navigating multiple identities, not only as an ethnic Chinese person living in the UK, but also as an LGBTQ individual, senior citizen, adoptee, artist, Eurasian, or first-generation immigrant. The work challenges conventional understandings of the Chinese community, questioning what it means to be an ethnic Chinese individual in this city and highlighting the great spectrum of identities beyond nationality.

Memory Palace was filmed in 2020 with the support of British Council Hong Kong, Phillips Auctioneers and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art.

Festival Selection:
- Selected for International Queer & Migrant Film Festival 2022, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Mar 2022
- Selected for Hong Kong Film Festival UK, London, UK, Mar 2023

- Screened at SPARK Festival, Hong Kong, Oct 2021
- Screened at Stories from the Periphery, bi’bak, Berlin, Germany, Mar 2022
- Screened at Longing for Something…,, Brotfabrik Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Apr 2023

- Exhibited at (Homing, or) Adverse Possession, Keepsake Project, London, UK, May 2023

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