Pseudo Secular (2016)

Screenplay (co-written with Rita Hui) [dir. Rita Hui] | Hong Kong

In response to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in 2011, ‘Occupy Central’ occurred in Hong Kong. Tai Cho, a university student joins the movement with his girlfriend Yi, and occupies the public area at HSBC for nearly a year. Yi is jailed for attacking the police, and Tai Cho falls in love with Yi's mother, Wan. Maxim, heir to a soy sauce fortune, takes part in the movement and experiences political awakening, leading him to return to his roots. His ex Man is a reporter obsessed with recording local history destined to disappear. Li Lei, a young woman from China, lives an unremarkable life with her boyfriend Yin in a tiny apartment until her life is changed by a mysterious internet celeb Ha Mai. They are stuck in their directionless lives until the outbreak of the 'Umbrella Movement' in 2014.

Combining documentary and dramatic styles, the film depicts the fate of Hong Kong people in turbulent times.

Selected for Opening Film in South Taiwan Film Festival, Nov 2016
Selected for ONDE in 34th Torino Film Festival, Nov 2016
Selected for Hong Kong Independent Film Festival, Jan 2017
Selected for Taipei Film Festival, Jul 2017
Selected for Singapore Chinese Film Festival, May 2018

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