To Live with It

Home can be a site of resistance.

Every time on the way to the farm I cannot avoid the sight of destruction – an empty land with a few dying trees as the result of herbicide.  

At the edge of that deserted land, Popo (literally means Grandma in Cantonese) is still farming on the same land where she has been growing food for decades, with Chung-xi and Chi joined two years ago – when she was about to give up after her husband had passed away. Since then they have been living and working together.

As a queer I have always wondered what makes a family and what makes a bond. This commune is suggesting a possibility that is long forgotten, or a new possibility now – a way to be highly self-sufficient, and a way to form bonds with a shared value instead of kinship, or even a way to resist over-development and capitalism.  

This series of images are not romanticized portraits of farmers or organic agriculture but instead a rather personal observation towards these individuals who are attempting and struggling to live differently.

©2021 Dorothy Cheung